Ekvator A.Ş, with its principle “Respect to Society and Environment” had started in the Paper Bag and Packaging industry as a fresh breath in the market in the year 2010. Although Ekvator A.Ş is a young Company in the Sector, the technology it uses and with the quality service consept, it has succeeded its way among the most successful players in the sector. Ekvator A.Ş, aims to maximize the habit of using packagings and paper bags in the society, therefore it has not only made appropriate investments to his intensions with its advanced technology, but has always carried its targets to increase environmental awareness in the society by expanding its service policy to a higher level day by day.. Ekvator A.Ş, with its honesty and friendly service understanding that it has never given up, has established itself not only in the domestic market but also in the international market. Ekvator A.Ş provides services with domestic sales, international sales, visual and technical design, human resources, accounting, finance, production, warehousing and shipping departments operates in 55 provinces in local market. Ekvator A.Ş. is also exporting its products to 23 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Ekvator A.Ş. produces paper bags and packagings in a closed area of 2000 m² and an open area of 300 m² with a capacity of 600 tons, Ekvator A.Ş. uses the highest quality papers and materials for the needs of all sectors and keeps the product and material diversity at the highest level. Ekvator A.Ş, which does not compromise on the principle of customer satisfaction, advances rapidly to its place in the sector with its structure that keep step with technological developments, increases its quality level every day, minimizes its costs without sacrificing the quality, and provides respect and support to society and environment. More


Trained staff with professional infrastructure to keep customer satisfaction in front of high quality products to work with leading suppliers in the industry, from production to assembly time under the supervision of professional teams, offers quality service at an economical price.